Vegetarian Specialties
Bageeche Se

  • CURRY PAKORA$10.95
  • VEGETABLE JALFRAZZI (Assorted vegetables lightly sauteed with herbs and spices)$11.95
  • DAAL MAKHNI (Black lentils simmered in a mild blend of spices)$10.95
  • YELLOW DAAL (Yellow lentils simmered in a mild blend of spices)$10.95
  • MATAR PANEER (Fresh cut green peas and cheese with onions and tomatoes)$12.95
  • AlOO GOBI (Mixture of potatoes and cauliflower)$11.95
  • BENGAN BHARTA (Eggplant roasted in clay oven cooked with onions, spices and tomatoes)$11.95
  • CHANNA MASALA (Spiced garbanzo beans)$11.95
  • TOFU MASALA (Tofu cooked in rich curry sauce)$11.95
  • MUSHROOM MATAR (Fresh mushrooms and green peas cooked with herbs and spices)$11.95
  • VEGETABLE KORMA ENLIGHTMENT(Mixed vegetables in a light crearny sauce)$12.95
  • BHINDI MASALA (Fresh cut okra cooked with onions and tomatoes)$11.95
  • SHAHI PANEER (Curry sauce cooked with Indian cheese, fresh tomatoes and dry fruits)$12.95
  • SAAG ALOO/SAAG PANEER (Mixture of potatoes or cheese with fresh spinach)$11.95
  • MALAI KOFTA (Vegetable balls cooked in sauce with dry fruit)$11.95