Bahar E Murg

For all white meat add $2.00

  • CHICKEN CURRY (Boneless chicken in light brown curry sauce)$12.95
  • CHICKEN VlNDALOO (Chicken cooked in thick curry sauce with potatoes, tomatoes, ginger and vinegar) (spicy)$13.95
  • MANGO CHICKEN MASALA (Boneles chicken cooked in mango and tomato base sauce with array of spices and herbs)$14.95
  • CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA (White meat cooked in tomato base sauce with an array of spices and herbs)$14.95
  • CHICKEN COCONUT CURRY (Chicken cooked in coconut milk blended with herbs and spices)$13.95
  • CHICKEN KORMA (Chicken cooked in creamy curry blended with a variety of herbs and spices)$13.95
  • CHICKEN SAAG (A delicious boneless chicken sauteed in fresh spinach)$13.95
  • CHICKEN MAKHNI (Boneless piece of chicken in a special sauce with fresh cream and fresh tomatoes)$13.95
  • CHICKEN KARAHI (Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with bell pepper and onions in a special Indian wok)$13.95
picture of hot chilli