From Our Clay Oven
Tandoor Nawaz

  • TANDOORI CHICKEN (Marinated chicken cooked inclay oven)Half $11.95, Full $18.95
  • SHEESH KABAB (Minced lamb meat mixed with spices and cooked on skewer in clay oven)$15.95
  • BOTI KABAB (Chunks of lamb meat marinated in herbs cooked on charcoal)$15.95
  • CHICKEN TIKKA (Boneless white chicken meat marinated in yogurt overnight cooked in clay oven)$14.95
  • CHICKEN LASOONI (White chicken meat marinated with herbs and garlic served on a bed of onion on a sizzling plate)$14.95
  • TANDOORI FISH TIKKA (Boneless pieces of fish cooked in clay oven)$15.95
  • SHRIMP TANDOORI (Jumbo shrimps cooked on skewer in clay oven)$16.95
  • MIXED GRILL(1 piece of Boti Kabab, 1 piece of Tandoori chicken, 1 piece of chicken Tikka, 1 piece of Sheesh Kabab and 2 pieces of Tandoori Shrimp served on a bed of onions on the sizzling platter)$17.95
  • LAMB CHOPS KANDHAHARI (Marinated in yogurt with herbs and spices cooked in clay oven to perfection)$24.95