Roti Ghar Se

  • CHAPATI (Whole wheat bread)$1.95
  • PLAIN NAAN (Fresh and soft bread)$1.95
  • KASHMIRI NAAN (Sprinkled with sesame seed)$2.25
  • PARATHA (Layered whole wheat bread)$2.50
  • GARLIC NAAN (Topped with garlic)$2.50
  • OLIVE NAAN (Topped with green olives)$2.50
  • PANEER NAAN (Stuffed with home made cheese)$2.95
  • ONION KULCHA (Onion stuffed bread)$2.50
  • SPINACH KULCHA (Spinach stuffed bread)$2.95
  • AlOO PARATHA (Stuffed with spices, herbs and potatoes)$2.95
  • KEEMA NAAN (Naan stuffed with delicately spiced minced lamb)$3.95
  • NAAN KI TOKRI GALORE (Bread Basket - combination of plain naan, garlic naan and onion nann)$6.95
  • CHICKEN NAAN (Stuffed with chicken)$3.95
  • PESHAWARI NAAN (Stuffed with cashews, raisins, cherry and coconut)$3.95
  • BHATURA (Soft fried puffed flour bread)$3.95